Election Results from the 2021 AGM

An election for the table officer positions was held at the KDLC AGM for 2021.

Lois Rugg (CUPE 4879) remains our president with Amanda Jensen (KTTA), Edward Lalonde (BCGEU), Donna Faulkes (HEU), and Darlene Foley (CUPE 900) also being re-elected to their current positions.

Talitha Dekker (HEU) has been newly elected to the position of Treasurer and Patricia Skalazub (CUPE 3500) is now the a Trustee (3 year term).

There is currently a member at large position that opened up when Talitha moved into the Treasurer position. An election to fill the vacancy will be held at the February meeting.

CUPE 4879 Logo

Lois Rugg

CUPE 4879

KTTA, SD#73 Logo

Amanda Jensen

1st Vice-President


Edward Lalonde

2nd Vice-president

HEU Kamloops Thompson Logo

Talitha Dekker

HEU Kamloops Thompson

HEU Kamloops Thompson, Honorary Member Logo

Donna Faulkes

Recording Secretary
HEU Kamloops Thompson, Honorary Member

CUPE 900 Logo

Darlene Foley

CUPE 900

(3 Year) CUPE 3500 Logo

Patricia Skalozub

(3 Year) CUPE 3500

For a complete list of Kamloops & District Labour Council elected officers, please visit https://kdlc.ca/who-we-are/elected-officers/ and https://kdlc.ca/who-we-are/committees/ for Committee Members