You can record a short (up to 30 seconds) video using your webcam or smartphone.

If you’re using a smartphone, please turn your phone so that the video is wider than it is high. Refer to the image to the right for an example of how to hold your phone.

Click the “Record Video” button to display what will be recorded by your camera. If either the camera icon or microphone icon are red and not green, click the gear icon to change your settings.

Align your face with the oval in the centre of the video window.

Click the “Record” button to start recording.

After the the five second countdown, start your message.

Click the “Stop” button when you’re done.

Example Message:

“Hi, my name is <your name> and I’m from <your organization> and I would like to….”

[ziggeorecorder display-timer audio-test-mandatory timelimit=30 countdown=5 recordings=1 faceoutline]


If you’re using a phone and things just won’t work, tap the “Upload Video” link and then choose your camera to record video.

[ziggeovideowall videos_to_show=’916′]