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Question 1:
A strike by the Toronto Typographical Union in 1872 was an important milestone in the labour movement in Canada. What did the strikers want during this strike?
You answered:
Correct! – A nine-hour work day
A nine-hour work day – At the time, 10-hour or more work days were common

Question 2
What is Canada’s largest union?
You answered:
Correct! – Canadian Union of Public Employees
Canadian Union of Public Employees – Canada’s largest union with 700,000 members.

Question 3:
In the 1800s, an estimated 17,000 Chinese men worked as labourers on the Canadian Pacific Railway in British Columbia. How much were they paid?
You answered:
Correct! – $1 a day
$1 a day – This did not include food, camping, or cooking gear.

Question 4:
The Winnipeg General Strike of 1919 was one of the largest and most influential strikes in Canadian history. How long did this strike last?
You answered:
Correct! – More than one month
More than one month – Strike began on May 15, 1919 and continued until June 25, 1919. Almost all the working population of Winnipeg was on strike. Sympathetic strikes in solidarity were held in numerous other Canadian cities.

Question 5:
Canada was the last major Western country to implement a system of unemployment insurance. What year was this?
You answered:
Correct! – 1940
1940 – Unemployment insurance was adopted under the government of William Lyon Mackenzie King.

Question 6:
Which province or territory has the lowest minimum wage in Canada?
You answered:
Correct! – Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan’s minimum wage is $11.45, Nunavut has the highest minimum wage in Canada at $16.00.

Question 7:
While Canada has laws prohibiting child labour, other countries do not have such laws. What is the estimated number of child workers around the world?
You answered:
Correct! – 168 Million
168 million, according to World Vision.

Question 8:
In recent years, there is a growing trend in Canada and around the world to temporary work rather than full-time or permanent jobs. What is this trend called?
You answered:
Correct! – The Gig Economy
The gig economy – According to Statistic Canada, 2.18 million Canadians are considered temporary workers with no benefits or sick leave.

Question 9:
When is Labour Day in Canada? You answered:
Correct! – The first Monday in September
The first Monday in September – It originated in the first workers’ rallies of the Victorian era.

Question 10:
What have unions done for all workers?
You answered:
Correct! – All of the above and more
All of the above and more:
  • Weekends
  • Paid vacations
  • The 8-hour work day
  • Ending child labour
  • Work breaks, including paid lunch breaks
  • Equal pay for equal work for women
  • Abolition of sweatshops
  • Sick leave
  • Canada Pension Plan
  • Universal health care
  • The minimum wage
  • Pregnancy and parental Leave
  • The right to strikeAnti-discrimination rules at work
  • Overtime pay
  • Occupational health and safety
  • 40 hour work week
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Employment Insurance
  • Pensions
  • Public education
  • Collective bargaining rights for employees
  • Wrongful termination laws
  • Whistleblower protection laws
  • Anti-sexual harassment laws
  • Holiday pay

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