Kelly Mihalech

Kelly Mihalech – Labour Day 2021 Scavenger Hunt

Your Name Has Been Entered!

Let’s See How You Did With The Scavenger Hunt Quests

Quest 1:
The Kamloops & District Council (KDLC) represents of roughly 13,000 unionized workers in the Kamloops area covering Merritt to Valemount and Chase to Lillooet. Tell us what community you live in.

Quest 2:
Send us a website address of a KDLC Affiliate.

Quest 3:
Many retailers promote using reusable shopping bags, send us a picture of a reusable bag.

Quest 4:
Send a photo of the front page of your local newspaper.

Quest 5:
What is the name of the last store or restaurant you went to?
Highland Valley Foods

Quest 6:
What is the name of your neighbourhood elementary school?
Pacific Way Elementary

Quest 7:
The KDLC supports all front line workers. Tell us a place where a front line worker works.
Kamloops City Hall, first floor

Quest 8:
Many unionized workers work outside. What is the name of your favourite park?
West Highlands Park

Quest 9:
Where is your local library?
465 Victoria Street, Kamloops

Quest 10:
We are proud to live in Canada, send a picture of something red.

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