Day of Mourning

2024 Day of Mourning Ceremony in Kamloops

April 28th is observed annually as the National Day of Mourning in various countries, including Canada, to honor and remember workers who have been killed, injured, or suffered illness due to workplace-related hazards and incidents. The day serves not only as a time of reflection but also as a call to action to improve health and safety conditions in workplaces. Trade unions and labor groups often hold public ceremonies and moments of silence, emphasizing the importance of worker rights and the ongoing struggle for safer working conditions.

In 2024, the National Day of Mourning holds particular significance as communities and organizations continue to address safety in increasingly diverse workplaces, including those affected by technological advances and the pandemic’s aftermath. The day prompts discussions on legislative and practical measures to prevent injuries and fatalities in the workplace. It also resonates deeply with families, friends, and colleagues who see it as a moment to come together, share their stories of loss and survival, and advocate for changes that ensure no worker must face preventable risks at work.

The 2024 ceremony in Kamloops with be on May 28th at 6:00pm at St Andrews on the Square.