Family Day Message from KDLC President Lois Rugg

February 17, 2023

As we approach the upcoming Family Day, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the importance of strong, stable families and the critical role that labour unions play in building and supporting them.

Lois Rugg, KDLC President
Lois Rugg
KDLC President

At the heart of many strong families is the foundation of stable employment and financial security. When workers have job security and fair compensation, they are better equipped to provide for their families and build a solid future. And this is where labour unions come in.

Labour unions work tirelessly to negotiate fair wages, benefits, and working conditions for their members. By doing so, they help to ensure that workers are treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve, and that they have the support they need to provide for their families.

When families are built on a foundation of stable employment and financial security, they are better equipped to weather the ups and downs of life. They can provide their children with a stable home life, opportunities for education and personal growth, and the chance to build meaningful connections with others.

And this is just the beginning. Labour unions also play a critical role in advocating for workplace safety and fair treatment, which not only benefits workers but also their families. Through their work, they help to ensure that every worker has access to a safe, healthy work environment, free from discrimination and harassment.

In short, labour unions are a critical cornerstone of strong, stable families. They help to provide the foundation of financial security and job stability that every family needs to thrive. And they do so with the dedication, passion, and commitment that comes from a deep belief in the value of hard work and the importance of building a better future for everyone.

So, as we celebrate Family Day, let us take a moment to reflect on the critical role that labour unions play in building stronger, happier families. Let us express our gratitude for their ongoing work and let us recommit ourselves to supporting and strengthening these important institutions.

With warmest regards,

Lois Rugg,
President of the Kamloops & District Labour Council

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