Letter to Hassan Yussuff Regarding the Endorsement of Bill Morneau

November 4, 2020

Dear Brother Yussuff,

The Kamloops and District Labour council was dismayed at the announcement the CLC had declared support for Bill Morneau’s candidacy for the role of OECD Secretary General. We strongly object to this endorsement. Many of our affiliates have found it shocking that the CLC would choose to make a public statement in support of Mr. Morneau.

We would remind you that Morneau and the Liberals introduced Bill C-27, a bill that would allow pension administrators to convert defined benefit pension plans to targeted benefit plans – a change Morneau Shepell had lobbied for and a change they would stand to profit from. Bill C-27 was about weakening retirement security for millions of Canadians. Bill Morneau did little to pursue progressive policies in his time as Finance Minister

There is a clear path of ethical controversies surrounding Mr Morneau and this labour council questions why the CLC would endorse him for the OECD Secretary General or any position of importance.

On behalf of the Kamloops and District Labour Council
Lois Rugg, President
Kamloops and District Labour Council

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