Municipalities need help

June 23, 2020

Municipal workers are on the frontlines going flat out to deliver the public services that keep us safe during COVID-19. But responding to this pandemic has left municipal governments in financial crisis. Their revenues have collapsed and unanticipated costs are soaring. Without financial help, municipalities will be forced to cut the vital local services our families and communities rely upon every day. On top of that, our municipalities are major economic drivers and this financial crisis is a threat to Canada’s economic recovery. Other levels of government must step up and provide financial support to our municipalities.

Tell the federal and provincial governments to provide emergency operating funding for municipalities in order to protect the vital local services we all need.

Cities, towns and municipalities often get the short end of the stick. Attention is often focused on the provinces and the feds.

Yet local governments are key to keeping us safe and well taken care of.

Municipal workers look after our health, maintain infrastructure and provide other essential services. That includes running our emergency services, parks, libraries, recreation centres, and providing care for the elderly and the young.

This pandemic is hurting the economic viability of our municipalities.

We need to call on the provincial and federal governments to throw our cities a lifeline. They need immediate funding to overcome immense budget shortfalls due to COVID-19.

If you agree, please add your voice to our petition now. Together we can make sure this becomes a priority for the powers that be.

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