Supporting Striking Bay Workers with Lunch

December 20, 2023

This afternoon members of the Kamloops & District Labour Council (KDLC), in another show of support, delivered lunch to the USW 1-417 members currently on strike at the Aberdeen Mall Bay in Kamloops.

Lois Rugg and Cindy Ozouf from CUPE 4879 and Jim Bicknell and Darryl Schmidt from IBEW 993 showed up before lunch with arms full of sandwiches, drinks, coffee, donuts, oranges, etc to the striking workers. The mood on the picket line was positive with the striking workers unwavering.

In labour relations, the concept of solidarity is a powerful force that can shape the destiny of workers and redefine the balance of power between employers and employees. When one union goes on strike, the support it receives from other unions and labour councils can be a game-changer, not just for the striking workers but for the broader labor movement.

The support shown to the USW 1-417 striking workers from other unions, labour organizations, and the overwhelming support from the pubic is a very positive message to both the striking workers and the management of the Bay.

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