Wiener Dog Races at the Kamloops Storm

January 23, 2023

Yes it is true.  KDLC will be hosting a Labour night with the Storm Hockey Club on Saturday February 4th.  Game time is 7pm at the McArthur Island Sports Club.  The Storm will be taking on the Revelstoke Grizzlies.  Added bonus… it is Weiner Dog Race night.  Be prepared to be overloaded with wiener dog cuteness.

It’s our night to recognize and celebrate our labour family in our community and to come have some fun.  Why a Storm hockey game? Supporting this event also supports junior hockey in our community.  In addition, the Storm players have also been a regular at our Labour Day Picnics the past few years and most recently volunteered to look after our Fun Factor Activities supporting our KDLC event.

As part of the sponsorship, February 4th, the KDLC has tickets to give away.

Electrical Workers Local 993 has also sponsored the “Shoot to win” event at the game making our Labour Night even better.

Once the free tickets have been given out, affiliates and individuals may also purchase tickets at the game or online.  Visit  for price information.

Hope to see many of you there with members and families.  Will be a fun night.

KDLC Teams Up with Local Unions to Sponsor Unique Community Event: Wiener Dog Races at Kamloops Storm Hockey Game

January 17, 2024
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