Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day and Labour

June 20, 2023

Indigenous Peoples Day, observed on October 12th in many parts of the world, is a time to honor and recognize the historical and ongoing contributions of indigenous communities. While this day is commonly associated with cultural appreciation, it is equally important to acknowledge the significant labour contributions of indigenous people throughout Canadian history.

Historical Labour Contributions

Indigenous communities have played a crucial role in the development and progress of Canadian society. From agricultural practices to craftmanship, indigenous labour has been integral to shaping local economies. Native peoples have preserved ancestral knowledge and passed down skills, contributing to the survival of their communities and their surrounding environments. Indigenous workers have been instrumental in sectors like farming, fishing, forestry, and mining, providing valuable expertise and resources to sustain societies.

Exploitation and Injustices

Unfortunately, indigenous communities have often faced exploitation and injustices in their labour experiences. Throughout history, colonization and the encroachment of territories have led to the dispossession of indigenous lands and resources. Indigenous workers have frequently been subject to forced labour, low wages, and unsafe working conditions. Their cultural practices and traditional knowledge have often been appropriated without appropriate recognition or compensation. These injustices highlight the ongoing need to address and rectify historical wrongs and ensure fair treatment for indigenous workers today.

Contemporary Contributions

Indigenous people continue to make significant contributions to the labour force in diverse sectors. From the arts and crafts industry to entrepreneurship, indigenous workers bring unique perspectives, skills, and cultural richness to their work. Many indigenous communities have revitalized traditional practices, such as sustainable agriculture and natural resource management, contributing to environmentally friendly and socially responsible approaches to labour. Moreover, indigenous workers are increasingly advocating for their rights, promoting equitable labour practices, and reclaiming their ancestral lands and resources.

Recognizing and Celebrating Indigenous Labour

Indigenous People’s Day provides an opportunity to honor and appreciate the labour contributions of indigenous communities. It is a time to reflect on the injustices they have endured while recognizing their invaluable contributions to societies worldwide. By acknowledging and celebrating indigenous labour, we promote understanding, respect, and support for their ongoing struggles and achievements.


Indigenous People’s Day serves as a reminder that indigenous communities have been integral to the labour force throughout history. From their historical contributions to their contemporary efforts, indigenous workers have shaped societies and economies. By recognizing their labour, we move closer to achieving justice and equality for all.

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