Seeking Municipal Candidates

July 14, 2018

The members and affiliates of the Kamloops and District Labour Council have had a long history in being politically engaged in all elections as we strive for a fair and just society and working environments for all. Municipal elections impact the lives of our members and their families on many levels and they want an opportunity to hear from candidates on the issues that matter to them.

This election, the KDLC is opening our survey to all candidates for the municipal and school board elections to provide them the opportunity to express their views and the responses will be made available to our 14,000 members. Please note, we will not be holding a live forum for the city council or mayor candidates but for the first time, we will be holding a forum for trustees.

All candidates are invited to attend a candidate training seminar, hosted by some of the most experienced campaign trainers in the country, at a nominal fee of $75 which includes lunch. This training will cover basic message development, staying on message, begin to develop a campaign stump speech and public speaking techniques. The session will be interactive with multiple speaking opportunities. For more information on how to register: Campaign Training

And finally, candidates are invited to join us on Labour Day, September 3rd, from 11 – 2, in McDonald Park as a key opportunity to talk to members and the general public.  Candidates are welcome to walk around but are invited to set up a booth at a cost of $25 and tables and chairs will be provided. This will allow a great number of people the opportunity to seek you out for engagement. More information can be found here:  Join Labour Day Picnic

Please respond to the following survey questions by email to by August 24th, 2018. Other supports may be available to candidates at market value, such as website hosting and templates and printing of lawn signs and campaign materials. Those candidates that we identify as closely supporting our key values may receive endorsement (if desired) which will be distributed to our members.

Municipal Councillors and Mayor Survey

Board of Education Survey

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